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Dr. Thompson Sarkodie-Gyan


Welcome to the Laboratory for Industrial Metrology and Automation (LIMA), a home for assistance and consulting in the focus area of industrial application of measurement and instrumentation. This is a rapidly growing area driven by the capabilities of instrument technology, by the development of other technologies, and by social and economic demands. Most areas of technology rely to a substantial extent on instrumentation and could not function effectively without it. Instrumentation is the key enabler of modern manufacturing, through automation, which enhances productivity and ensures consistent quality. The demand for improved and assured quality means ever better instrumentation.  An important growing point is the integration of sensors, information processing, actuators, and control systems into products such as robots. These are not only significantly applied in mechanical manufacture, but also in such operations as building and laboratory automation, and in medicine and  surgery.  There is also the importance of instrumentation in care for the environment. Monitoring of pollution ranging from the analysis of noxious chemicals to the measurement of noise and the remote sensing from space are leading areas of application. In all these areas there are great demands and opportunities for innovative development and innovative application of instrumentation technology.
LIMA provides state of the art manufacturing, engineering, and quality services to companies, exposes undergraduate and graduate students to an exciting amalgam of technologies by way of   incorporating measurement and instrumentation into secondary education with the objective of further engaging students through an exciting application of math, science and computers, and also serves as the nursery for industry and the national laboratories. Calendar Current Events.

Welcome to the Laboratory for Human Motion Analysis and NeuroRehabilitation
The Laboratory is the focus for interdisciplinary research at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) that draws together engineers, scientists, clinicians and medical researchers to apply their extensive expertise to create revolutionary progress in medical diagnosis, intervention and treatment, and to tackle major challenges in modern healthcare.
Research within the lab seeks to understand neural information processing by the central and peripheral nervous systems at several different levels of analysis, and to use that understanding to guide the development of novel therapeutic approaches to disorders of the nervous system.
Functional rehabilitation may be most effectively achieved through the reduction of variances from normal patterns through training and other compensatory strategies. Therefore, our Laboratory embarks on the development of measurement methodologies for efficient and reliable analysis of human dynamic behavior at a level that quantifies variations from morphometrically adjusted normal in space and in real-time.  
We perform analysis to combine measured kinematic and kinetic data with numerical modeling and optimization for detailed analysis of musculoskeletal function.


We will have: