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Murad Alaqtash

University of Science and Technology Computer Engineering Soft Computing Algorithms

Murad M. Alaqtash is a PhD candidate in computer engineering at The University of Texas at El Paso, Texas, USA since August 2008. During his doctoral study, he was awarded teaching and research assistantships and worked as assistant instructor at the department of electrical and computer engineering, moreover, he has been awarded Dodson dissertation fellowship from the graduate school to complete his dissertation work.
Mr. Alaqtash earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in computer engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan, in 2003 and 2007, respectively. He worked as a computer engineer at the ministry of education, Jordan, for three years. After he received his Master’s degrees, he worked as full time lecturer at the department of electrical and engineering, Tafila Technical University, Jordan, before traveling to USA in August 2008 and attending UTEP toward his doctoral degree.
Currently, Mr. Alaqtash works on his research at the laboratory for human motion analysis and neurorehabilitation. His main research interests include soft computing algorithms, intelligent systems, wearable biosensors, and their applications in human motion analysis.  He has published original papers related to his field in international scientific journals and conference proceedings.



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Application of wearable sensors for human gait analysis using fuzzy computational algorithm Murad Alaqtash, Huiying Yu, R. Brower,  A. Abdelgawad, T. Sarkodie-Gyan

Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence,  Vol. 24, Iss. 6, September 2011, Pages 1018-1025.


Measurement of functional impairments in human locomotion using pattern analysis T. Sarkodie-Gyan, Huiying Yu, Murad Alaqtash, A. Abdelgawad, E. Spier, R. Brower

Measurement, Vol. 44, Iss. 1, January 2011, pp. 181-191


Analysis of muscle activity during gait cycle using fuzzy rule-based reasoning Huiying Yu, Murad Alaqtash, Eric Spier, T. Sarkodie-Gyan

Measurement, Vol. 43, Iss. 9, Nov. 2010, pp. 1106-1114


Automatic Classification of Pathological Gait Patterns using Ground Reaction Forces and Machine Learning Algorithms Murad Alaqtash, Thompson Sarkodie-Gyan, Huiying Yu, Olac Fuentes, Richard Brower, and Amr Abdelgawad

Proc. 33rd Ann. Int. Conf. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Boston, MA, Aug.30- Sep.3,2011 .


Application of Wearable Miniature Non-invasive Sensory System in Human Locomotion using Soft Computing Algorithm Murad Alaqtash, Huiying Yu, R. Brower,  A. Abdelgawad,  E. Spier, T. Sarkodie-Gyan

Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robotics and Applications, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 6424, 2010, pp. 288-299.

Determination of Functional Impairments using the methods of computational intelligence T. Sarkodie-Gyan, M. Alaqtash, H. Yu, C. MacDonald, E. Spier, R. Brower

Proc. 6th World Congress for Neurorehabilitation, Vienna, Austria, March 21-25, 2010.


Recognition and Decision-making algorithm in Human Locomotion based on the Principles of Fuzzy Reasoning T. Sarkodie-Gyan, Huiying Yu, Murad Alaqtash, Eric Spier, and Richard Brower

Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Biomimetics, Guilin, China, Dec. 19-23, 2009, pp.529-534.


JPEG Compression using Improved Fast Cosine Transform Fayez Idris, Sameer Batanieh, Ahmad Sawalmeh, and Murad Alaqtash

1st Int. Conf. in Digital Communications and Computer Applications, Irbid, Jordan, 19-22 March 2007